Steve Jannar

Steve Jannar is a Sydney-based artist.  He is essentially a figurative painter and his earlier period was very much influenced by the Heidelberg School of Australian Impressionists, in particular by Streeton, Roberts & Conder and in more recent times by Sydney Long. 

Since 2008 he has returned to painting in acrylic paint rather than oil, is painting on a larger scale and freeing up his style – resulting in more dramatic works with greater impact.

Most of his paintings in recent years have been ‘waterscapes’ – finding the element of water to be a visual magnet that most people are drawn to as a preferred object of view.

He has exhibited in and around Sydney for many years and is also represented in overseas collections.

Steve has won many prizes for his artwork including:

  • 1st prize in the ‘Landscape’ painting section of the Sydney Royal Arts Show (Easter Show) 2007

  • 1st prize in the ‘Australian Birds and/or Flowers (in their natural setting)’ section of the Sydney Royal Arts Show (Easter Show) 2014

  • "Best in Show” in the Combined Art Societies of Sydney (CASS) exhibition at the Australian National Maritime Museum. 2015

  • "Best in Show” in the Oatley 101 Art Society Annual Exhibition. 2016

  • The Ardency $1,000 Oatley 101 Society of Artists prize. 2017

  • Liverpool Art Society Scholarship Prize. 2017

  • 2nd major prize at the CASS Exhibition at the Sydney Maritime Museum. 2018